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O2 Atom progress

Another entry today, wow…..


The Atom is running well. a big plus was the January 23rd firmware update, made a HUGE difference to speed. Nice one O2!  My only problem, and it could be a major one, was that I had a Catastrophic Failure of the Stylus.  Luckily the unit came with a spare, as there currently seems to be no supply of genuine O2 replacements in AUS, and no aftermarket ones yet appearing on EvilBay.


I’ve been getting WiFi sorted for home and work, plus going to start doing email wireless sync Real Soon Now <tm> against Exchange server.  Bring on AKU2 I say !


This public service announcement has been bought to you via WiFi and Atom, together at last. (except pocket IE and Mobile Spaces stripped my CR/LF’s out so I’ve had to re-edit it.  )



Frivolous use of the internet…..

…… or "Photos for those inclined"
Not mine, but of my trip……

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