Windows Home Server – System Builder edition

Folks, in case anyone is interested, here’s a major tip on setting up Windows Home Server, or WHS, when you acquire the System Builder product.
Make your first hard drive AS BIG AS YOU CAN !
You don’t want an 80gb drive in as your first drive if you can help it – that doesn’t leave enough room on the D partition for large file copies.  If you can, use a 500gb drive.  I couldn’t on my WHS machine – I’ve repurposed an old laptop for (hey you can’t argue with a built in UPS!)  The max drive I could buy was a 160gb, so that’s my first drive.  I’ve now added a second 160gb drive interenally as well to expand the storage space.
For those of you who are wondering, the main way that people are expected to purchase WHS is through OEMs who release purpose built WHS machines (see wegotserved for a great rundown of the pre-built hardware lines).  Small System Builder operations are able to use the System Builder SKU to create solutions, but it is also meant for those of us who are OK with tinkering with hardware and want to build something yourself (I’d make sure you understand the support implications of this too). 
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